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For those of you that don’t know I have relocated to South Africa. There has been a lot of conversation and I constantly get asked for the reasons for my move. I thought I would answer a few of your questions.

Was I deported from the United Kingdom?

Unfortunately not only is that daft as I don’t think Zimbabweans can be deported from the uk… unless you committed some heinous crime even then I think you are protected under some asylum /humanitarian something..look I’m not a lawyer so don’t quote me lol. Facts is you saw me sit in business class and land in South Africa. Common sense guys but hey some people say I was born a man or I bleached so hey I can expect more fuckery. I’m tired of this question .. so short answer no I left on my own accord because I felt it was time for me to make the move. 


Why did I move to Johannesburg?

I’m African is it a shock that I moved back to Africa … I mean I came to the UK from Africa.  Africa is developing and if you got IT you can make it and I’m hoping that my dreams are manifested here.


What am I doing in South Africa?

Well I’m in full time (on campus, not online) education 3 year degree. I’m studying a BA in Strategic Brand Communication.  University is a serious new challenge for me. Every week I think I could have paid for a full body job ..and be relaxing In the sun somewhere.  It’s more than a financial sacrifice, it takes commitment at my age to go to uni and balance your daily activities is not easy.  From the moment I book my Uber I am filled with a sense of ..here goes another day, hope I get used to this soon lol.




Why South Africa?

I’m Zimbabwean (which is in Southern Africa) South Africa is where I used to come for holidays and it’s also where I studied. I did my A levels here, started my own promotional company at 19 and did 1 year of uni here … so It’s kinda like coming back to my comfort zone.




Will I be starting loloskloset SA?

I have an app in the APP STORE LEAUX LEAUX (download it).  I will be launching something via the APP soon

Leaux Leaux App (App Store)

So …. I’m sure the nosey and the daft will still have something to say. Ultimately I don’t honestly care what people’s opinions are at this stage in life because exam stress is real and from the cold life I am living in sunny Africa and really to  grown and blessed to give a shit.   I honestly kept telling friends I was leaving .. most didn’t believe me. I remember this time last year I was  shopping online for uni clothes and outfits to slay in.  Suitcase buying and packing was the worst … it became so real … If you follow me on snap you know I’m so close to my mum and niece so I tried to spend as much time with them. Don’t be fooled holidays with your loved ones are not as good as being a drive away and I’m glad I got to be around my family for as long as I could but it was time for me to leave the nest.  I prayed over this decision and it’s what is right for me.


Thank you to everyone who knows how real the transition has been. I have such amazing female followers who have shared their personal I’m back at school struggles with 2 kids and a job .. it’s these women who make me think twice about complaining. I miss my family and I appreciate the love and POWERFUL PRAYERS  I receive from strangers.  I have had serious ups and downs and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.  If you have followed me over the years you can hopefully see how I have constantly evolved and just tried to be true to me.  I hope that my journey and what I shared will inspire someone else to try something new…pray and meditate over their personal circumstances and be guided into their next chapter. This is a new exciting chapter for me and I plan to walk in his favour and love.  




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