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For My birthday shoot I wanted to do something exciting.  I was on a yacht and wanted to feel all sorts of luxury for my 3 day stay. I have behaviour extremes its either I buy my clothes a year in advance or its last minute.com and noone will stand in my way.  3 days before my birthday I sent a direct message to Double R Beachwear and begged the owner of the brand to make me something badder than bad for my birthday.  Roxanne was patient and surprisingly ready to get crazy with me.  Because my sister is more popular than me … on social media (A necessary admission )  I asked her to create one for Pam who also loved the brand.  The reasoning being as much as it was MY day, my new business is to create visibility and build brand for businesses. I have to be selfless and think about what will make the brand stand out and Pammacb was a perfect fit.  So now she had 2 swimsuits to make with both of us demanding a master creation.

She sent sketches and I was super excited.  On Monday the day of my birthday Roxanne called to say there was an issue with production and she wouldn’t be able to supply the beachwear. I used my begging and skills of persuasion and a few hours later she was on the yacht sewing the choker round my neck. The images were taken by Pam and I . The make-up was done by @muapaloma (www.instagram.com/muapaloma) .

The sketch she quickly drew with her son’s crayons, Roxanne used pure silk to create my first bespoke beachwear.




The images were taken on the perfect location the yacht’s lower and top deck … It was dark outside and I was a bit annoyed that we had lost daytime shots, but everything happens for a reason and my badder than bad beachwear was one of my best birthday gifts.  Double R beachwear gifted these items to both Pam and I which I am super grateful for all the effort they made for my birthday.












Make up by @muapaloma (www.instagram.com/muapaloma)



Pam’s images



image2 copy



Described on their instagram as:  ‘ the I have arrived’ beachwear. Stand out with our bespoke, statement, sexy, stylish, unique beachwear.


Email : DoubleR.beachwear@gmail.com

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