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Welcome to my new website!!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the new site.  Im grateful to my web designer (Lesley IC Digital) who was patient with my madness and my inability to understand how technology works.  Im going to be using this section of my website as my personal journal. I had a fashion blog before and with over a hundred thousand hits and I was also the winner of the Zimbabwe International Women’s Award for Blogger of the year in 2015.

Being a fashion blogger was intense because I felt although I had multiple features with my images being reblogged etc, I was not really truly into taking images and they did not compare with those of ‘serious bloggers’.  Anyone that knows me personally or that has read my bio on instagram (www.instagram.com/loloskloset) knows I am a money magnet, something in me …a gift lol can convert an idea into money. From fashion blogger I evolved into a business owner and now the circle of life … from business owner back to Leaux Updates whereI will be sharing certain aspects of Leaux Leaux.


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