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Ladies Liaison – with Leaux leaux

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On the 8th Of March International Women’s Day I hosted my event, Ladies Liaison – with Leaux Leaux. I was slightly anxious because I literally planned the event in less than 16 days.  I had a vision and I knew I had no choice but to execute it or I would suffer from that annoying I should have done it syndrome.  My first issue was the cost involved. With retail I can estimate my profits on stock and can predict volume of sales with an event you have to be able to build something that your clientele is excited to attend.  This had to be executed to the highest standard and because of the personality, I was under pressure to come up with something unique.  I kept thinking I would rather spend the money on a new bag, but after praying over the concept and mind-mapping the event potential I decided to commit.  The First thing I did was get my web designer to build a new site, the rest was just a crazy vision that had no choice but to become a beautiful reality.  Once I paid for the 5 bedroom yacht, everything suddenly became real. The only thing that was exciting was the fact that I would be staying on the yacht for 3 days and would be celebrating my birthday.  Everything else associated with this event has been a beautiful nightmare, although I am still recovering I am happy with how it all turned out.

I would like to thank the brands that gifted their stock and time (please see brand page for a list of event brands). I was humbled by the effort that the brands used to present their items.  The packaging, the attached notes and the sheer volume of items they gifted for the event.   My gift boxes were perfect for the gifted items. I choose a gold base gift base gift box with a perspex lid and used a gold personalised ribbon to seal the box. The speakers were given a gift bag with a luxury fragrance and hand cream and several small gifts. The guests were served meals by Nina’s Kitchen and Guzzu Drinks served bottomless cocktails.

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The event started off a bit late ..which I predicted but the speakers youtube channel name Leaux Leaux (visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDWQm_f79zU) but I was happy with every aspect especially the fashion showcase with Jessicah Baah.  The final hamper worth over a $1700 was tone of my best bits as the ladies had to play a game to win.


I can’t really go into detail about every aspect of the event.  As one of the speakers Ambassador Stephanie Chiyangwa noted this event was a serious cost to me and all I wanted was for the invited guests to be in an environment where no cost had been spared so they could operate on a higher frequency to attract and network effectively.  This was a way to let my new clients know that I am willing to push your brand to ensure maximum visibility.  I will be pushing these brands via my social media, and you can see the clips they each filmed so they could repost them on their personal pages.

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A priority for me in the branding game is to create bespoke concepts for each brand. My videographer @simbadesigns instagram ensured that my vision was well documented. I am in the process of planning my next event which will be excitttting and on a weekend so it does not clash with anyones work schedule.  Please follow the link below to watch a video of the event, there are more videos on youtube channel Leaux Leaux https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJ8tAZ6e7vntthOx1yqCXA so you can understand why all the ladies that attended felt blown away after their speeches.


Ladies Liaison – with Leaux Leaux

LoLoLadies Liaison – with Leaux leaux

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