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My Facial Routine

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Last night I had so many questions about my skin routine. As you know im having an event (yes im plugging my event on this post..my blog lol) FabuLEAUXsitea – Afternoon Tea the Leaux Leaux way, visit Leaux Events for more information. In the past I have spent thousands on treatments which didn’t really make much of difference and then I just got so lazy and used anything from poundland/dollar store face wash because I was done with the hype.  The one cosmetic company that do sell product that I have used and liked is Lancome their creams left my skin feeling velvety.  Recently I started looking at ways of using natural organic products as part of my skin regime.

So here goes:

For my face scrub

image3 (1)image2 (1)

Find a little a container

Please insure you use ORGANIC/100% real ingredients or you are wasting your time and money


2 part oats

2 parts mineralised sea salt

1 part tumeric

1/2 part almond milk powder

1/2 part milk powder

Manuka Honey (to mix)

Mix the above and every time you need to wash your face mix a small amount in your palm and bring together with a bit of honey.




image1 (5)

I love aztec clay mask. Follow the instructions and mix with ORGANIC apple cider vinegar.

On my snapchat I showed another mix that Im using to get rid of dark marks, because its a home lactic peel until i see more of a result I am uncomfortable sharing to share the mix.   On my snapchat or instagram video I also used avocado thats full of good proteins, some people use sperm but Im really not the ejaculate on my face type of woman.


image1 (4)


Finally the best bit, after making sure your skin is clean use SPICE LIFE ELIXER available from Spice Life Cosmetics . This is a mix of natural cold pressed ingredients. With ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, this overnight or before make up  elixer is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and looking beautiful.


Here is a link to my instagram(@loloskloset)  so you can see how much fun I had on snapchat

Instagram Video Of Face Routine

LoLoMy Facial Routine

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