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Save To Splurge – Book A Gym Class

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First step is joining a gym. Some offer a monthly payment system so you are not tied to a contract.  The next thing is to pick classes. Why a class? Unless you know what you are doing some activities in the gym won’t help you reach your goal body.

So… Join a class which is led by one of the qualified personal trainers. The same personal trainer you would pay for 1 on 1 personal training will be teaching the class in the same professional manner. You will be shown exercises that tone etc. This means you are basically being trained for whatever monthly fee you pay. My suggestion is to do 2 classes one after the other so you get your full hours work out.  I also still suggest you hire a trainer for one session a week, this way you are being taught how to do the exercises correctly as the trainers in the classes might not always be able to check that you are doing every exercise correctly.  These are my personal observations please contact your local gym and speak to a professional about your personal fitness.

So how will this lead to SPLURGE funds

💸 SAVE on every day personal training. If you were going to get some body modification surgery you could  get your body right in the gym and SAVE.

💸You also SAVE because if you are into take-out and snacks you won’t be buying them if you really are dedicated.

💸You will be healthier which means you live longer. Meaning you can SAVE more in the years to come because you are healthy and mentally alive to keep being focused on other life goals that require Splurge Money.

LoLoSave To Splurge – Book A Gym Class

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