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Im a bargain hunter and I love anything that leads to a saving.  I will do almost anything to save money lol.  Every Monday #MONEYMONDAYS I will upload posts on money savings ways that will enable you to SAVE TO SPLURGE.

Save To Splurge  💰Leaux Discaimer💰

💸I’m not a financial expert. These are my personal tips on how you can save your Shmoney

💸Leaux101 You don’t have to compromise yourself to purchase luxury items

💸If you are not materialistic use the savings for home improvements/holidays or whatever is relevant in your life

💸When you realise that the saying ‘every penny counts’ means something…life becomes simpler

💸Consistency, Discipline and an End Goal are key.  Eg I want to purchase whatever item by this date and I will commit 💷 weekly/daily. 

💸There is a reason contracts are used daily. Have a mental contract to promise yourself that you will honour your Save to Splurge agreement.

Below is a tool I found online which supports my SAVE to SPLURGE theory lol.


🔑Fine Print🔑

It is important to be honest..realistic ie real to self about your object of your desire. Choose something you like and that makes sense to your lifestyle.If you can’t be committed to your own contract then your are frankly not about it.


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