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Leuaux has a unique way of increasing brand presence for her clients. Her unconventional methods are tailored specifically for each client to ensure their products gain maximum visibility. Strategic posts via social media are created and clients receive an immediate boost in both page followers and revenue.


  • Working with Lolo have been a great for my business I've gained new followers and sales have doubled since working with Lolo. Her worth ethic and go getter attitude is inspiring.She is a true embodiment  of what a female entrepreneur should be. I would definitely work with Lolo again.

    Diva Bee Boutique
  • Collaborating with my company over the past year.  Your brand which is very recognised on every social media internationally has been very great to have associated with as I have tried to build mine. With all the posts you put up with my products, I seem to get many followers and buying customers and I couldn't ask for anything more of your affiliation. It is nice to work with a successful women who is all about empowering others. You're a rare breed. With this said, should you have any customers that wish to buy from me in the next week.

    Get Waisted UK
  • We would like to thank you for your amazing promotion of Summer Rose Belle on your Social Media platform. You showed professionalism and business knowledge which is remarkable. Right from the start you put forward engaging and effective social media techniques that increased our social media presence and visibility. Our statistics show that your Snapchat posts and Instagram posts boosted our December 2015 views, website clicks, likes and engagement quite significantly during the peak of your live posts. On the whole an average of about 80-90% increase in activity. Currently we have a January Sale. Customers need to enter coupon code: sale at checkout to receive 45% each product in the basket. ****This excludes 'Belle perfume, Chihera Special and T-shirts**** Our winner was @mel_persuasion who lives in Harare her Belle is on its way to her. Thank you again. We look forward to working with you in the future!

    Summer Rose
  • Just wanted to thank you for being such a lovely lady and taking it upon yourself to help a small business like mines when others wouldn'tve. It's amazing how willing you are to support and help complete strangers. Your posts on snapchat sold out the cape dress in 2 of its colours within 9 days!! As it was part of my first collection sales on it had slowed until your posts made people begin purchasing it again like crazy!!! If ever there's anything we can do for you be sure to let us know. Wish you nothing but the best with your business which I'm certain will continue to flourish. Such a genuinely kind person can't fail in life!

  • I observated  Miss Lolo  on the internet and social media. She is unquestionably one of the most fashionable bussines woman her work as a fashion queen reflected a level of insighthfulness and attention to detail that is unique for other business queens In the industry. I think she stands out in her own way miss lolo was a true pleasure to work with because of her big network  my followers are increased. Based on my observation of her abilities, I strongly believe she has the potential to be an outstanding business woman I therefore recommend  everyone in the world  to work with her Please do not hesitate .. She got the best ideas because of her unique way of thinking...

    Ngozi Hair Studios


In 2015 Leaux Leaux was awarded ‘Blogger Of The Year’ by the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards. Below is a Bio from the organisers page. Lolo’s Kloset the blog was created on the 2nd of November 2011. The blog was created out of a love for fashion and as a way to direct traffic after a blog featured LoLo as their fashionista of the month. Since then the blog has had over 200 000 hits, the YouTube over 110 000 and other social media feeds over 1 000 000 views.

LoLo has been featured on numerous blogs and magazines and is a well known personality. LoLo’s Kloset has ventured into retail becoming a successful online and social media boutique ( .As a personal shopper LoLo has dressed many celebrities and has done styling for music videos and TV shows. Lolo’s motto is numbers don’t lie and from sales records and her growth in the social media world this has become a fact.

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