Imperial Treats

Imperial treats was started by a young tenacious 23 year old lady, by the name of Lily Asante. She had always been passionate about cooking and baking. Her confidence grew more as she noticed how much family and friends were requesting for her to cook or bake something for their events. With the encouragement and support of her partner, she began to chase one of her many goals within the hospitality industry.

Since it’s birth, Imperial treats has quickly grown to become one of the go to home baking services for ordering cakes. For any event and for those that want something more special than a factory made cake from a high street supermarket, contact¬†Imperial Treats offers a variety of desserts such as Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, dessert pots, cookies and many more.¬†Imperial treats will be provide treats for Leaux’s guests at the Ladies Liason- with Leaux Leaux event

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Contact Number: 07480801118




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