Inches By Teeah

For the event brand partners page. After giving birth to my 1st daughter I began to pay close attention to her needs and mind as mother. Health and nutrition became very important to me. And being a mother with a lot of allergies chemicals and artificially products was to something I was too keen on. being from a mixed curtail and coloured background a lot of hair products tend not to work well on my hair, Leaving my hair oily, dry, flat, knotty even hay like. I then realised My daughter and later on my daughters had the same problem.

I had a house hold full of 4 females, draws full of some many hair products which only worked for a short space of time or not at!!!!! Feed up was an understatement. Now my dad on the other hand has always maintained his hair and texture but never his beard. Being a ladies man he told me the best way to keep a woman is to have a well groomed beard.

But his wasn’t……… My Hair oils are a special formula, enough of whats needed plus plenty of what you think isn’t needed. A lot of my clients have the same story “ I wanted my hair to grow and be thicker so I Just use Castor oil”  or “ Coconut oils a great 2in1” “ Tea Tree oils is perfect for my dandruff” And men with beards “ I just use what I use to grease my face, or maybe a little hair grease”

All of these things are great But the effect wont be long lasting!!! Hair growth is a beautiful science. Beard grooming is a King like process of manly-hood. A woman hair is her crown. Inches By Teeah Hair and Beard oils are created for you!!! Full of all your favourite oils with additional minerals and vitamin. Promoting; Growth, Thickness, Clean & Clear Scalp, Thirst Free Hair

These product are all Natural and Organic containing; Coconut , Castor Oil, Jasmine oil, Argan Oil, Kernal oil, Shea Butter, Vanilla, Lavender. All naturally fragranced. This formula has been created for all hair textures. Mixed, Curly, Straight, Thick ,Thin,Afro

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