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This week I attended my friend Michelle’s High Tea at the Maslow Hotel.I wanted to wear something different and I was excited when Grass – Fields gifted me their MILLA 2 piece.  3 days later I had my outfit delivered and all I had o do was head to the material shop … I am thrifty so I made my fascinator.  I know I looked amazing…. if you like my look visit www.grass-fields.com/ and use discount code LOLOSKLOSET


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LoLoPrint -Power
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For those of you that don’t know I have relocated to South Africa. There has been a lot of conversation and I constantly get asked for the reasons for my move. I thought I would answer a few of your questions.

Was I deported from the United Kingdom?

Unfortunately not only is that daft as I don’t think Zimbabweans can be deported from the uk… unless you committed some heinous crime even then I think you are protected under some asylum /humanitarian something..look I’m not a lawyer so don’t quote me lol. Facts is you saw me sit in business class and land in South Africa. Common sense guys but hey some people say I was born a man or I bleached so hey I can expect more fuckery. I’m tired of this question .. so short answer no I left on my own accord because I felt it was time for me to make the move. 


Why did I move to Johannesburg?

I’m African is it a shock that I moved back to Africa … I mean I came to the UK from Africa.  Africa is developing and if you got IT you can make it and I’m hoping that my dreams are manifested here.


What am I doing in South Africa?

Well I’m in full time (on campus, not online) education 3 year degree. I’m studying a BA in Strategic Brand Communication.  University is a serious new challenge for me. Every week I think I could have paid for a full body job ..and be relaxing In the sun somewhere.  It’s more than a financial sacrifice, it takes commitment at my age to go to uni and balance your daily activities is not easy.  From the moment I book my Uber I am filled with a sense of ..here goes another day, hope I get used to this soon lol.




Why South Africa?

I’m Zimbabwean (which is in Southern Africa) South Africa is where I used to come for holidays and it’s also where I studied. I did my A levels here, started my own promotional company at 19 and did 1 year of uni here … so It’s kinda like coming back to my comfort zone.




Will I be starting loloskloset SA?

I have an app in the APP STORE LEAUX LEAUX (download it).  I will be launching something via the APP soon

Leaux Leaux App (App Store)

So …. I’m sure the nosey and the daft will still have something to say. Ultimately I don’t honestly care what people’s opinions are at this stage in life because exam stress is real and from the cold life I am living in sunny Africa and really to  grown and blessed to give a shit.   I honestly kept telling friends I was leaving .. most didn’t believe me. I remember this time last year I was  shopping online for uni clothes and outfits to slay in.  Suitcase buying and packing was the worst … it became so real … If you follow me on snap you know I’m so close to my mum and niece so I tried to spend as much time with them. Don’t be fooled holidays with your loved ones are not as good as being a drive away and I’m glad I got to be around my family for as long as I could but it was time for me to leave the nest.  I prayed over this decision and it’s what is right for me.


Thank you to everyone who knows how real the transition has been. I have such amazing female followers who have shared their personal I’m back at school struggles with 2 kids and a job .. it’s these women who make me think twice about complaining. I miss my family and I appreciate the love and POWERFUL PRAYERS  I receive from strangers.  I have had serious ups and downs and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.  If you have followed me over the years you can hopefully see how I have constantly evolved and just tried to be true to me.  I hope that my journey and what I shared will inspire someone else to try something new…pray and meditate over their personal circumstances and be guided into their next chapter. This is a new exciting chapter for me and I plan to walk in his favour and love.  



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Save to Splurge – APPS that help you Save

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LoLoSave to Splurge – APPS that help you Save
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Save To Splurge – Discount Codes

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Now, I cannot expect you not to keep shopping as you are building your savings for your splurge.  Being a savvy shopper is important…besides waiting for sales you can also use discount codes.  Before you check out, or at the point of payment there are is always a box that prompts you to enter discount code/voucher.  Now if you are studying UNIDAYS offers numerous discount codes that you use.  If you are not studying make friends with a student as these discounts can range from 10% – 30%… you do the maths … and in the spirit of every penny counts I beg my sister for their UNIDAYS codes every other week.

A site that I use for discount codes is www.vouchercodes.co.uk. An alternative way is to google the retailer you would like to shop from eg Lolo’s Kloset discount code 2016 and the latest codes for your chosen retailer will pop up.  Next step will be to copy and paste the code to use before check out.  Sometimes it will not be a percentage off but free delivery or some other discount.   Try to visit websites on weekends as they always have great offers and once you make a purchase check your postage bag. Most retailers include a flyer with a discount code.  Instagram users, follow your favourite stores on instagram. Your favourite stores  always share their discount codes on their social media pages.  If you direct message some retailers via their social media …and ask nicely they do respond with a 10% discount code at the very .

Discount codes are my way of shopping guilt free, they make me feel like I have saved and its a great shopping habit.  Please put the extra you have saved into your SAVE TO SPLURGE tin.



LoLoSave To Splurge – Discount Codes
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Im a bargain hunter and I love anything that leads to a saving.  I will do almost anything to save money lol.  Every Monday #MONEYMONDAYS I will upload posts on money savings ways that will enable you to SAVE TO SPLURGE.

Save To Splurge  💰Leaux Discaimer💰

💸I’m not a financial expert. These are my personal tips on how you can save your Shmoney

💸Leaux101 You don’t have to compromise yourself to purchase luxury items

💸If you are not materialistic use the savings for home improvements/holidays or whatever is relevant in your life

💸When you realise that the saying ‘every penny counts’ means something…life becomes simpler

💸Consistency, Discipline and an End Goal are key.  Eg I want to purchase whatever item by this date and I will commit 💷 weekly/daily. 

💸There is a reason contracts are used daily. Have a mental contract to promise yourself that you will honour your Save to Splurge agreement.

Below is a tool I found online which supports my SAVE to SPLURGE theory lol.


🔑Fine Print🔑

It is important to be honest..realistic ie real to self about your object of your desire. Choose something you like and that makes sense to your lifestyle.If you can’t be committed to your own contract then your are frankly not about it.

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Save To Splurge – Book A Gym Class

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First step is joining a gym. Some offer a monthly payment system so you are not tied to a contract.  The next thing is to pick classes. Why a class? Unless you know what you are doing some activities in the gym won’t help you reach your goal body.

So… Join a class which is led by one of the qualified personal trainers. The same personal trainer you would pay for 1 on 1 personal training will be teaching the class in the same professional manner. You will be shown exercises that tone etc. This means you are basically being trained for whatever monthly fee you pay. My suggestion is to do 2 classes one after the other so you get your full hours work out.  I also still suggest you hire a trainer for one session a week, this way you are being taught how to do the exercises correctly as the trainers in the classes might not always be able to check that you are doing every exercise correctly.  These are my personal observations please contact your local gym and speak to a professional about your personal fitness.

So how will this lead to SPLURGE funds

💸 SAVE on every day personal training. If you were going to get some body modification surgery you could  get your body right in the gym and SAVE.

💸You also SAVE because if you are into take-out and snacks you won’t be buying them if you really are dedicated.

💸You will be healthier which means you live longer. Meaning you can SAVE more in the years to come because you are healthy and mentally alive to keep being focused on other life goals that require Splurge Money.

LoLoSave To Splurge – Book A Gym Class
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My Facial Routine

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Last night I had so many questions about my skin routine. As you know im having an event (yes im plugging my event on this post..my blog lol) FabuLEAUXsitea – Afternoon Tea the Leaux Leaux way, visit Leaux Events for more information. In the past I have spent thousands on treatments which didn’t really make much of difference and then I just got so lazy and used anything from poundland/dollar store face wash because I was done with the hype.  The one cosmetic company that do sell product that I have used and liked is Lancome their creams left my skin feeling velvety.  Recently I started looking at ways of using natural organic products as part of my skin regime.

So here goes:

For my face scrub

image3 (1)image2 (1)

Find a little a container

Please insure you use ORGANIC/100% real ingredients or you are wasting your time and money


2 part oats

2 parts mineralised sea salt

1 part tumeric

1/2 part almond milk powder

1/2 part milk powder

Manuka Honey (to mix)

Mix the above and every time you need to wash your face mix a small amount in your palm and bring together with a bit of honey.




image1 (5)

I love aztec clay mask. Follow the instructions and mix with ORGANIC apple cider vinegar.

On my snapchat I showed another mix that Im using to get rid of dark marks, because its a home lactic peel until i see more of a result I am uncomfortable sharing to share the mix.   On my snapchat or instagram video I also used avocado thats full of good proteins, some people use sperm but Im really not the ejaculate on my face type of woman.


image1 (4)


Finally the best bit, after making sure your skin is clean use SPICE LIFE ELIXER available from Spice Life Cosmetics . This is a mix of natural cold pressed ingredients. With ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, this overnight or before make up  elixer is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and looking beautiful.


Here is a link to my instagram(@loloskloset)  so you can see how much fun I had on snapchat

Instagram Video Of Face Routine

LoLoMy Facial Routine
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Ladies Liaison – with Leaux leaux

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On the 8th Of March International Women’s Day I hosted my event, Ladies Liaison – with Leaux Leaux. I was slightly anxious because I literally planned the event in less than 16 days.  I had a vision and I knew I had no choice but to execute it or I would suffer from that annoying I should have done it syndrome.  My first issue was the cost involved. With retail I can estimate my profits on stock and can predict volume of sales with an event you have to be able to build something that your clientele is excited to attend.  This had to be executed to the highest standard and because of the personality, I was under pressure to come up with something unique.  I kept thinking I would rather spend the money on a new bag, but after praying over the concept and mind-mapping the event potential I decided to commit.  The First thing I did was get my web designer to build a new site, the rest was just a crazy vision that had no choice but to become a beautiful reality.  Once I paid for the 5 bedroom yacht, everything suddenly became real. The only thing that was exciting was the fact that I would be staying on the yacht for 3 days and would be celebrating my birthday.  Everything else associated with this event has been a beautiful nightmare, although I am still recovering I am happy with how it all turned out.

I would like to thank the brands that gifted their stock and time (please see brand page for a list of event brands). I was humbled by the effort that the brands used to present their items.  The packaging, the attached notes and the sheer volume of items they gifted for the event.   My gift boxes were perfect for the gifted items. I choose a gold base gift base gift box with a perspex lid and used a gold personalised ribbon to seal the box. The speakers were given a gift bag with a luxury fragrance and hand cream and several small gifts. The guests were served meals by Nina’s Kitchen and Guzzu Drinks served bottomless cocktails.

image2 copy 2


The event started off a bit late ..which I predicted but the speakers youtube channel name Leaux Leaux (visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDWQm_f79zU) but I was happy with every aspect especially the fashion showcase with Jessicah Baah.  The final hamper worth over a $1700 was tone of my best bits as the ladies had to play a game to win.


I can’t really go into detail about every aspect of the event.  As one of the speakers Ambassador Stephanie Chiyangwa noted this event was a serious cost to me and all I wanted was for the invited guests to be in an environment where no cost had been spared so they could operate on a higher frequency to attract and network effectively.  This was a way to let my new clients know that I am willing to push your brand to ensure maximum visibility.  I will be pushing these brands via my social media, and you can see the clips they each filmed so they could repost them on their personal pages.

image13 image12 copy

image4 image3 copy

image5 image6

image7  image9

image10image1 copy 3

A priority for me in the branding game is to create bespoke concepts for each brand. My videographer @simbadesigns instagram ensured that my vision was well documented. I am in the process of planning my next event which will be excitttting and on a weekend so it does not clash with anyones work schedule.  Please follow the link below to watch a video of the event, there are more videos on youtube channel Leaux Leaux https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJ8tAZ6e7vntthOx1yqCXA so you can understand why all the ladies that attended felt blown away after their speeches.


Ladies Liaison – with Leaux Leaux

LoLoLadies Liaison – with Leaux leaux
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Double R Beachwear

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For My birthday shoot I wanted to do something exciting.  I was on a yacht and wanted to feel all sorts of luxury for my 3 day stay. I have behaviour extremes its either I buy my clothes a year in advance or its last minute.com and noone will stand in my way.  3 days before my birthday I sent a direct message to Double R Beachwear and begged the owner of the brand to make me something badder than bad for my birthday.  Roxanne was patient and surprisingly ready to get crazy with me.  Because my sister is more popular than me … on social media (A necessary admission )  I asked her to create one for Pam who also loved the brand.  The reasoning being as much as it was MY day, my new business is to create visibility and build brand for businesses. I have to be selfless and think about what will make the brand stand out and Pammacb was a perfect fit.  So now she had 2 swimsuits to make with both of us demanding a master creation.

She sent sketches and I was super excited.  On Monday the day of my birthday Roxanne called to say there was an issue with production and she wouldn’t be able to supply the beachwear. I used my begging and skills of persuasion and a few hours later she was on the yacht sewing the choker round my neck. The images were taken by Pam and I . The make-up was done by @muapaloma (www.instagram.com/muapaloma) .

The sketch she quickly drew with her son’s crayons, Roxanne used pure silk to create my first bespoke beachwear.




The images were taken on the perfect location the yacht’s lower and top deck … It was dark outside and I was a bit annoyed that we had lost daytime shots, but everything happens for a reason and my badder than bad beachwear was one of my best birthday gifts.  Double R beachwear gifted these items to both Pam and I which I am super grateful for all the effort they made for my birthday.












Make up by @muapaloma (www.instagram.com/muapaloma)



Pam’s images



image2 copy



Described on their instagram as:  ‘ the I have arrived’ beachwear. Stand out with our bespoke, statement, sexy, stylish, unique beachwear.


Email : DoubleR.beachwear@gmail.com

LoLoDouble R Beachwear
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Welcome to my new website!!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the new site.  Im grateful to my web designer (Lesley IC Digital) who was patient with my madness and my inability to understand how technology works.  Im going to be using this section of my website as my personal journal. I had a fashion blog before and with over a hundred thousand hits and I was also the winner of the Zimbabwe International Women’s Award for Blogger of the year in 2015.

Being a fashion blogger was intense because I felt although I had multiple features with my images being reblogged etc, I was not really truly into taking images and they did not compare with those of ‘serious bloggers’.  Anyone that knows me personally or that has read my bio on instagram (www.instagram.com/loloskloset) knows I am a money magnet, something in me …a gift lol can convert an idea into money. From fashion blogger I evolved into a business owner and now the circle of life … from business owner back to Leaux Updates whereI will be sharing certain aspects of Leaux Leaux.

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