Ngozi Hair & Beauty

In 2001, Ngozi Ovunda started to do hair for her sister.Ngozi was 12 years old. She became to have customers because of her sisters promotion. ” i had no idea just did it for my sister” she said. She did not know it was her hands that did the magic ” my mother use to say that i have good hands” In 2006 i was ready to do hair for everybody including my sister i was working my ass off because i wanted to have something that everyone dreamed about. I then introduce the 3in 1 curlingwand with my own brand Ngozi hair &beauty (NHB) this is curlingwand has different sizes to give you the luscious beautiful waves you ever dreamed of. Its easy to use and the whole set is €50 including handcloves. It goes up to 230 degrees so you really need a handglove. I ship worldwide and i would like to do a give away because i want the product to be worldwide.

Ngozi Hair Studios will be giving away 2 curling wands for the Ladies Liaison with Leaux Leaux

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