Sarah Drakard

My name is Sarah and I am a fully qualified Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker and Will Writer. I work with women, couples and families to help them secure their financial future and provide clarity about their finances in a clear uncomplicated way. We can help clients with all their financial needs from obtaining their first mortgage to sorting out their pension to having the right insurance in place to writing their will.

I am passionate about empowering clients, especially women, to take control of their finances and give them the tools and knowledge to do so supporting with excellent customer service along the way. I strongly believe in bringing an ethical approach back to the financial services industry and believe financial advice should be approached in a holistic manner, only doing what is right for the client and making sure our customers are comfortable and completely clear. My work helps clients improve and protect their personal or business financial situation so they can sleep better at night knowing both their own and their families financial future is safe whatever happens.

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