Silk E Bee Body Balms

My name is Nyasha Matanda, and I am the founder of Silk E Bee Body Balms. The Silk E Bee Body Balms are a range of moisturising body balms for sensitive and dry skin conditions. The range of balms are specially formulated using natural oils and butters. My venture into balm making was born out of a desire to soothe my daughter’s extremely dry and sensitive skin. During her very early stages, she suffered what was described medically as Atopic Eczema and Contact Dermatitis. In the pursuit of trying to remedy her ailment, I was persuaded to try many different skin creams and oils, to no avail.

My husband and I began to read about the benefits of natural substances such as beeswax, and how they have been popular as a treatment for dry and sensitive skin. After having tried many beeswax based substances, I found that the smell was not appealing, and I was sure that like most mothers, smelling your baby is an important part of the bonding process. In addition, I found that the consistency of the beeswax made it difficult to spread across a baby’s torso, and I had to be sparing with what I ordered.

I realised that a product based on a naturally occurring product like beeswax, combined with an inspired recipe of natural oils and butters, could deliver much needed relief to both mother and baby. I have known many parents who have children with extremely harsh skin, and it’s sad to see the helplessness of those parents. There are key parts of the early parental experience that are ruined, these things range from kissing your baby on the cheek, dressing them in certain clothes you have been so excited to see them in, or even taking them out to the park. I can safely say that not a second more will be missed again, and now many friends and family of mine are able to say the same after trying Silk E Bee. Our balms are fairly priced, based on natural ingredients and have a pleasing aroma. We have received great reviews from those who have sampled our range. silkebeebalms

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