Stephanie Chiyangwa

Ambassador Stephanie Chiyangwa is the daughter of Billionaire and ZIFA president Dr Phillip Chiyangwa. She is a seasoned, sought after International Itinerant Preacher and one of the most profound young Motivational Speakers. She is a spiritual mother and mentor to a lot of people all over the world. Stephanie has three Degrees in, Theology, Public Health as well as Clinical Psychology and she is currently doing her Masters in Public Health. She is well known as a Global Ambassador as she has travelled to some of the most remote parts of the world with ministry as well as missionary work under the charity arm of her ministry, Help Us Help Ourselves.

There have been many testimonies from people whose lives her ministry has impacted, either through miraculous healing or through life changing teachings. Aside from ministry and philanthropy, she is also an Author and an Entrepreneur. She has various business ventures in the gasoline and construction industries. While she completes her Masters in the United Kingdom, she is an Advocate for Vulnerable Adults. She is also in the process of releasing her own brand of lifestyle and beauty products.

With all this and much more, Stephanie is a humble and grounded young lady, who has proven herself at each stage of her life. Her mantra is also the title of her first book, “Situation is Never Destiny”. She believes in the power of overcoming life challenges, no matter how difficult and the importance pursuing purpose. She accredits everything she has accomplished thus far to the Grace of God.

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