Fitness Life

Fitness is a crucial aspect of my everyday routine, and I've formed partnerships with gyms and fitness clothing brands to generate engaging and enjoyable content. I strongly believe in integrating all facets of my daily life, and physical well-being is paramount. Whether it's inspiring my followers to go for daily walks or inviting them to participate in a six-week challenge, I strive to make fitness an enjoyable and integral part of their lives.

Travel Life

Lolo Travel
Pack '23

My luxury travel experience curated across numerous locations

Ticket Pro Endorsement

I'm thrilled to share that I have been appointed as a travel influencer by TicketPro Travel! My constant travels and dynamic content caught their attention, and I'm excited to be able to inspire others through my experiences. This appointment truly reflects how my lifestyle, passion, and purpose have come together. I can't wait to share more with you on my journey as a travel influencer.

Content Creation

Content creation is my passion, and I effortlessly enjoy it as a means of self-expression. It has fostered an authentic connection with my audience, making me a credible source of information. Moreover, the brands I work with benefit from a significant return on engagement and sales.

Hailo Transfers: Safety, Luxury, and Peace of Mind.

For someone like me, who owns luxury items, this is the perfect partnership. You can experience the ultimate in comfort and style with Hailo Transfers, the security service provider that offers on-demand luxury point-to-point transfers.


Fashion has been an incredible journey for me. I've collaborated with international and local brands, sponsored by renowned names and worked with talented couture designers. My content stands out with attention to detail and creative images. One unforgettable shoot was in Ghana with an award-winning designer.

Cleaning concierge

As a digital strategist and content creator, I partnered with Cleaning Concierge to produce engaging content aligned with their goals. Through photoshoots and videos, we brought humor and creativity to cleaning, making it relatable and enjoyable. The content resonated with my audience reflecting the company's brand and commitment to quality services.


As a content creator, I faced the challenge of making fruit and vegetable content fun and engaging. But I embraced it, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Alongside my work as an influencer, I helped a client develop their digital strategy, honing my skills in creating captivating content. With a focus on aesthetics and informative insights, I transformed fruits and vegetables into relatable content, inspiring my audience to embrace a healthy eating lifestyle.


Life's unexpected turns led me to a surprising path as a reality TV star. Within just two years, I became a main cast member on three shows. Throughout this journey, I've stayed true to my authentic self, using this platform to express my voice. Surrounded by diverse individuals with their own agendas, my star truly shines. Navigating the world of reality TV has been an incredible experience, revealing new facets of myself along the way.


This show follows following the exciting lives of influencers who have built an empire around their status on social media. It is a docu-reality series will showcase the hard work and ambition that goes behind curating content for the influencer’s social media platforms. It will detail their journeys to success, their inspirations and hidden trends that keep their platforms unique.

Queens Of Mzansi

The Queens of Mzansi” follows five strong, single black women who have been tried and tested in life but still rise to wear their crowns with pride.

Viewers will be given a front-row seat to these captivating personalities and their dramatic lives as they show us what it means to be a modern-day South African woman.

Diamonds and Dolls

If you’ve ever wondered how Johannesburg’s most infamous socialites live and where they hang out, look no further because Showmax’s new local six-part reality show Diamond & Dolls gives viewers front row seats to their lives. Socialites seeking fame and fortune and the drama that goes with it.

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